From bust…to boom!

The year, 1983.

Oklahoma City’s Penn Square Bank had collapsed, signaling the end of the oil boom and setting off a series of bank failures and business closings that left Gary E. Allison, then general manager of an electrical services company, along with so many others, unemployed.

While he pondered his future work, with the boom now a full-blown bust, one might not have expected Gary to seek work in the oil and gas fields. Yet, with a quiet resolve and what some might have labeled “unrealistic optimism,” he believed the industry still offered opportunities to make money. So in May 1983, with little more than his tool belt and a rolodex, he launched Tri-State Electrical Contractors.

As it turns out, the opportunities were many. With a commitment to service excellence, a conservative approach to money management, and an understanding that when a company finds good, hard working people, it should do whatever it can to keep them, he quickly built a solid business that has continued to evolve and grow.

From 1983 to Today.

Today, operating under the banner of Tri-State Electrical Contractors, what began as a small electrical services operation is now a fast-growing company in Oklahoma, offering not only electrical expertise, but services to some of the largest automative, industrial and energy companies in the world: Chesapeake Energy, ONEOK, Devon, Coca-Cola, Anadarko, DCP Midstream, Solo Cup Company, QuadGraphics, SandRidge Energy, Plains All American Pipeline, and many more.

Services include Industry, Electrical, and Automation and Control Systems.


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