Culture and Core Values

The culture at Tri-State Electrical Contractors reaches back to the early days of the company’s formation, when founder Gary E. Allison committed himself to building a company where he would do whatever he could to keep good, hardworking employees. Today, the company’s culture – cemented in the following Core Values – is thriving.


Trust forms the foundation of everything we do together. We work every day to build and maintain the trust in our relationships with customers, employees, and partners.


Our long-term success depends upon treating others with respect, humility, and honor. We value the ideas, thoughts, and opinions of others. Professional, respectful and humble interactions create value for our company.


A consistent ethical framework guides us through our decisions. Integrity in our words and deeds leads to honest and moral outcomes in our relationships.


A direction, not a destination. On our journey to excellence and with the results of our work, we set the standard for customer service experience.


We constantly seek new solutions for our customers that increase our service efficiency and effectiveness. We foster the development of new ideas and integrate them with our commitment to continuous learning and increased adaptability.


We are one team, working in unison to capture great and difficult opportunities. We are committed to working together to achieve our mission and realize our vision.


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